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This blog entry will begin to outline my recommendations for non-productivity apps for leisure, news, and entertainment.

With so many choices, the following offer the easiest use, minimal ads, and flexibility.

Flipboard- By far the best app for The iPad. Allows user to specify categories and sources. Alternate recommendation for this type of content is Pulse.. I’ve tried Livestand, the new Yahoo app, and simply don’t like it.

Wall Street Journal- I have been a web content pay subscriber for years and would not have recommended the apps in the past due to the incremental fees WSJ used to charge for the privilege of viewing content you already bought, optimized for mobile. The mobile access fees are now waived or reasonable, although the ads are annoying.

USA Today- Free app, easy to navigate, comprehensive content.

The Onion- Satire news that I find amusing. Funny videos.


Sportstap- Easy to navigate sports scores, news, standings, and live updates for games in progress. Note, I’ve tried other sports apps such as ESPN, CBS Sports, among others, but find them more difficult to navigate.

NFL Sunday Ticket- I used the app one Sunday during football season, and it was great. I was able to view multiple games simultaneously and flip between games with ease. Too bad DirecTV’s customer service is not very helpful. They will lock you into any contract you sign so beware. Great for the playoffs and world series, especially if you at traveling. You can view the games live.

My recommendations for entertainment, travel, personal finance, books, multimedia, and reference


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