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For email management on an Exchange Server, I have yet to find an iPhone or iPad application that performs better than the RIM Blackberry, and I haven’t been a Blackberry user since 2009. Specifically, I am referring to managing email folders and files from a mobile device. I have also found the Blackberry more reliable in managing and saving drafts compiled on an airplane or in offline mode.

Although the iPhone is great and does many things better than a Blackberry, the RIM Blackberry was (and likely still is) the best device I have used for Exchange Server Integration. Case in point, I just lost hours of emails stored in my IOS outbox while on a plane…Unrecoverable! Never happened in 8 years as a Blackberry Power User.

It will be interesting to see if future releases of IOS improve this capability and how the RIM “Blackberry 10” platform evolves.


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