I travel about 80% of the time for business and rely on mobile applications for productivity while on the road. I have tested and researched many mobility applications for the iPhone and iPad and came up with the following list for those looking to minimize the need to carry around a laptop:

What’s New:

Docusign- Ink Use for signing or editing documents in most common formats, including PDF and MS Office. Alternative to computer/laptop PDF editor (such as Acrobat) and eliminates need to print, physically sign, and scan/fax.  Previous recommendation for signatures was “Easysign,” a Pay App.  Docusign-Inc does everything EasySign does, and more, plus, it’s a free App.

Xpenser- Great for expense management.  No need to save receipts.  Quickly record your expenses, snap a picture of your receipts, add notes, and later generate electronic or hard-copy customized reports.


Jump- Easy remote screen access to PC or MAC.  This is a Pay App but best I have been able to find so far.  Looking for easier, cheaper alternatives.

Password Management-  In search of a better way.  “1Password” is popular but I’m not there yet.  Will give it a look however.

Bookmark Synchronization-  “XMarks” used to be the solution for bookmark synchronization across devices and different browser types.  When company changed ownership, functionality degraded so I’m using Firefox Synch and manual updates for other browsers.  Looking for a better way.

Previous Unchanged Recommendations:

iMExchange2- App for keeping tasks and notes in synch with Outlook Exchange across adevices.

Evernote- Use for keeping meeting notes and documents organized, easily accessible, and in synch across devices.

DropBox- Best cloud storage application I can find, and I’ve used a bunch, including MobileMe.

Print n Share- Application for printing documents directly from your mobile device. You do not need to be on the same WiFi network to do so as it works over 3G.

JotNotPro- Use for scanning via a mobile camera, converting to PDF, and emailing. Eliminates need for scanner and fax.

QuickOffice– Office applications for the iPAD. Compatible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For iPhone, DocsToGo is best I have found.

Penultimate– Eliminates need for pad and paper. Enables digital storage and filing of handwritten notes on iPad, and conversion to digital format, including PDF. Alternate App: NoteTaker HD


Note: These applications were tested and used on an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and a Dell Latitude E600 Running Windows 7 Pro. I purchased them all on the Apple App Store. I expect many would be available on Android, RIM, or Microsoft App Stores.