• Google Calendar- Extension and App
  • Google Tasks- Extension and App
  • Google Scratchpad-  App used for notes
  • Google Docs- App for word processing;  compatable with Word
  • Google Sheets-  App for spreadsheets;  compatable with Excel
  • Google Slides-  App used for presentations;  compatable with Powerpoint
  • LucidChart-  App used for drawings;  compatable with Visio


  • Click to Print- Extension for one-click printing from Chrome
  • Pocket-  Extension to save web pages and read later
  • CleanSave- Extension to print cleansed text/articles from Chrome (removes extraneous info)
  • Google Drive-  Extension and App to save to the drive
  • Send Link with Gmail- Extension to forward current web page via Gmail account
  • Screen Capture-  Extension to Cut and paste screen or portions thereof
  • AddThis-  Extension for easy social networking shares
  • Google Dictionary-  Extension
  • XMarks-  Extension for bookmark synchronization
  • Click & Clean-  Extension to clean up web info
  • AdBlock-  Extension

Extensions can be obtained from the “Tools” menu in Chrome.  Apps  from the Chrome Web store.