If you’re looking to synchronize your bookmarks across different browsers and devices (including smartphones), so am I! There used to be a program that did this brilliantly, “FoxMarks,” which had an ownership change, and merged with “XMarks.”

FoxMarks used to work. XMarks has limitations, especially across different browser types.

Unfortunately, XMarks does not work across all different platforms well, and creates many duplicates and errors. I integrate across Safari, Firebox, ad Internet Explorer on several devices including a Macbook Pro, Dell Latitude, iPhone, and an iPad. Somewhere in the integration of these platforms and devices, things go haywire. I’ve tried for months to isolate the issue, but today, have decided to abandon XMarks and look for other solutions as it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Initial solutions I plan to evaluate include:

-Native Firefox and Safari Utilities
-Google Utilities (although it seems may force Chrome use)
-Other third-party solutions (TBD, limited to date)

Check back later for findings and recommendations…

Update on Synch Apps available February 2012:

After researching for a few hours and trying different options, I’ve come to the conclusion, that there are not now applications that can adequately synchronize bookmarks across different browser types. XMarks used to work before a change in ownership. For now, I am using both Firefox Synch and iCloud, and manually reconciling across platforms. I’ve found the manual effort is worth the trade-off of continuously reconciling cross-browser synchronization errors.